The Center for Independent Living - Sofia (CIL) is a Bulgarian non governmental, non profit organisation of disabled people. CIL has been working for a change in the governmental policy in the area of disabilities since 1995 by actively promoting the values of Independent Living and the application of the Social Model of Disability.

    The Independent Living

    The concept of Independent Living represents a system of values that guide our work. The most important of them are:

    • human dignity;
    • right to choose;
    • opportunity to control you own life;
    • equal opportunities;
    • and full participation in the life of the community on behalf of the disabled people.


    The Social Model of Disability

    The Social Model of disability is the main instrument for critical reflection when considering disabled persons' living situation. In order to fulfill this critical function, the Social Model usually is opposed to the Medical Model of disability. The two models represent two distinct ways of thinking and acting when it comes to disabilities.