“Do not disable rules


On Thursday, 11.12.2014, at 11:00 a.m. in the Press Club of National palace of culture in Sofia, was held opening press conference of the project "Do not disable rules” - a campaign for public integrity , implemented by foundation " Intelday " in partnership with the Center for Independent Living and financial support of the program to support NGOs in Bulgaria under the Financial mechanism of the European economic Area 2009-2014, (http://www.ngogrants.bg).

The starting date of the campaign was related to December 10th, the International Day of Human Rights. The reason of the campaign is the European practice, used in Sofia from long time, of the designation[...]


Reinstitutionalising Deinstitutionalisation


RI-ing DI[1]

This is how the process of deinstitutionalisation (DI) in Bulgaria could be briefly described despite the token consensus around the need to take children and young adults (including those with physical and mental disabilities) out of the large institutions and to place them in foster care, protected dwellings, small group homes (SMG) and residential family-type settings. ‘I felt better in the large institution. When they got me here, I couldn’t stop crying for a week’, says a young[...]


2010 - European Year to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion


Another year of “combating poverty and social exclusion” is over, though on European level this time. So what? The never ending isolation, caring, misery and DEPENDECE were the major features of the disabled people’ lives in Bulgaria. These are the truthful companians of all disabled people – children and adults, active and passive, rebels and conformists, sick and suffering helplesness – who are not able to enjoy the new Bulgarian highways, the new Sofia subway and all the rest of the achievements that the 2010 Bulgarian Government is proud of. They will continue to live in misery – with no access to the progress promised by this Government – unless fundamental changes are made in the[...]